Our Core Values

Walking in Both Worlds

Our work has afforded us the invaluable opportunity to gain a real understanding and appreciation for Aboriginal culture, which in turn has also given us a greater understanding of our own.

We have learnt the best results arise from a willingness to learn from each other, drawing on strengths from both worlds, working together to achieve positive change.

Understanding the importance of ‘walking in both worlds’ – demonstrating commitment to culture in the way we, and you, do business whilst ensuring laws and regulations are met – is what sets us apart from other consultancy firms.  We aim to do the right thing, the right way.

Strong & Meaningful Relationships

Underpinning any good business is the need to establish positive relationships.  We recognise that relationships are foremost to delivering successful strategies and change in community.  A lot of our time in community and working with Indigenous businesses has been spent investing in these important relationships, based on mutual respect and connecting with people.

We have a proven track record of building effective relationships with a range of stakeholders – from community members, senior traditional leaders, directors of registered Indigenous corporations, community led organisations and government – and are proud to say that many of these relationships have continued beyond the business sphere.


We are committed to making a positive difference – to the businesses we work with and the people they serve – and actively seek to understand and embrace diverse points of view.

Our cultural awareness and ability to form connections has provided us with the invaluable experience of listening to community and working together to transpose those ideas and desires into effective business decisions.

Best Practice Indigenous Values
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