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About Us

AA Biz Solutions and Benchmark Management Consulting are boutique providers of tailored governance, business, finance and human resource strategies and support, operating both independently and in partnership.

Our core values of integrity, excellence and collaboration drive our passion for ‘best practice’ – in how we operate and what we want for you.

We understand that sometimes best practice governance can seem like just more red tape – road blocks to getting the job done. However, it is our firsthand experience that effective corporate governance frameworks in fact benefit organisations remarkably by:

  • ensuring compliance;
  • improving efficiency;
  • maintaining a pro-active focus,
  • solidifying cohesion across business departments and units;
  • strengthening reputation.

With our vast experience and enthusiasm for getting things done right it is our mission to provide you with the tailored, practical and effective frameworks and support that will take your business to the next level – frameworks and supports that will free you up to get on with your most important job – achieving your objectives and serving your clients.

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