Corporate governance extends beyond simply how you ‘govern’ or manage your business.

Best practice” corporate governance practices ensure that, in managing and directing your business and its activities, not only do you remain compliant with your business’ charter and all relevant laws and regulations but also provides an organisation with a frame of reference – overarching guiding principles – against which to lead the business and make decisions.

We believe the following components are key to establishing the foundation for sound and ethical governance – through directed leadership, shared values and a culture that emphasizes accountability and transparency:

  • The control environment encompassing integrity and ethical values, commitment to competence, management philosophy and the assignment of authority and responsibility;
  • Risk assessment encompassing risk identification and analysis from management level through to process level objectives;
  • Tailored internal control policies and procedures targeted to mitigate the business’ significant risks;
  • Ensuring the quality, reliability and accuracy of information and clear communication channels; and
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation and continued improvement.
Best Practice Governance

Our compliance and governance services can assist you to ensure your business is operating in accordance with its charter and any relevant laws and regulations; supporting your decision makers in discharging their responsibilities; and to lay the foundation for an effective and ethical corporate governance framework that is purpose designed for your business.


We can assist you with the following:


  • Consideration of the legal and regulatory obligations relevant to your business and how to respond to those obligations
  • Mentoring and training for boards and senior management
  • Conducting reviews and health checks of your business
  • Compliance audits
  • Preparing guidance templates and checklists
  • Support to correct breaches in legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Corporate secretariat services:
    • Preparation and distribution of notice of meetings, agendas and board/ committee papers
    • Assistance to develop standardized reporting templates
    • Attending meetings to prepare minutes and following up on action items
    • Maintenance of registers
    • Lodgment and filing of regulatory and internal reports
    • Liaise on behalf of the board with internal and external stakeholders


  • Pre-incorporation services
    • Assistance in developing the business’ charter
    • Business registrations
    • Development of financial systems and resources, including procurement of external services
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Development and implementation (or review) of board and management level governance policies and procedures, including:
    • Separation of powers between the board and the CEO
    • Design and conduct board and CEO performance reviews
    • Financial delegation authorities
    • Code of conduct
    • Director handbooks
  • Delivery training in the implementation of governance policies to boards, senior management and affected staff
  • Assistance with the continuous improvement process, including audits of compliance with internal governance frameworks
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