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key achievements

At AA Biz Solutions and Benchmark Management Consulting, we have a strong track record in delivering quantifiable results across a variety of projects.
Some of our key achievements include:

Governance Frameworks

Review, development and implementation of integrated governance, business management, financial and human resource policies and procedures, including the delivery of training, for Aboriginal Land Councils, CATSI Act registered aboriginal corporations, not-for-profit incorporated associations and proprietary limited companies.

Some examples include:

  • Separation of powers between the board and senior management
  • Code of conduct
  • Directors handbooks
  • Financial delegation protocols
  • Conflict of interest management and related party disclosures
  • Procurement
  • Use of corporate assets
  • Business administration (e.g. travel, housing, motor vehicles, etc)
  • Financial and management accounting protocols
  • Financial internal controls
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Induction and orientation
  • Performance management
  • Training & development
  • Equal opportunity
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Employment conditions and retention
  • Termination and redundancy
  • Flexible work practices
  • Leave
  • Return to work and injury management
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Information technology

One such framework was commended by representatives of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet as exemplary.

Start Up Aboriginal Corporation

Set up a new $11 million CATSI Act registered Aboriginal corporation including:

  • Development of its Rule Book
  • Recruitment of Members, Directors, CEO and management
  • Lodging applications for registration with ORIC
  • Business registrations
  • Business planning and structure analysis
  • Staffing appointments
  • Appointment of external professional and other service providers
  • Governance, business management, financial and human resource system development for entire business cycle
  • Governance training of Directors
  • Budget and funding applications
  • Implementation of information management system
  • Website development

Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Facilitated strategic planning process with board of directors to develop the business’ mission, vision, objectives and strategies for not-for-profit dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Indigenous culture
  • Developed corresponding operational plans for the multi-faceted departments including setting key performance indicators, time frames and budgets
  • Rolled out the action plans across seven business units and implemented a monitoring and reporting process
  • Where the Corporation was adequately funded to undertake the committed actions, all were successfully delivered

Implementation of Review Recommendations

Restructured a Northern Territory statutory government authority to better align services to core legislative functions:

  • Assisted in the complex legal and independent review and recommendation process;
  • Conducted internal review of structure, funding, departmental and job analysis and business performance;
  • Developed action plans in line with review recommendations and the authority’s strategic plan;
  • Negotiated with government and decision makers;
  • Divested business units to established corporations;
  • Startup of new corporation.

Following the restructure, the statutory authority was successful in receiving more than a $2 million increase in its base operational funding having been able to better justify its service delivery.

Business Development and Improvement

  • Conducted review of the status quo of numerous businesses and identified areas of non-compliance or requiring improvement, including their corporate governance framework, compliance with their charter and other relevant regulations or agreements, operational delivery methods and financial capacity. Implemented systems to make change, including appointing expert service providers to undertake further detailed analysis, sourced additional funding, restructured or made changes to current delivery methods and implemented cost minimization and prudent budget management protocols.
  • Expanded a business from 10 to more than 50 staff over a 2-month period to enable the business to participate in a multi-million-dollar government contract, ensuring that corporate services and compliance frameworks were correspondingly developed and expanded to support the rapid growth.
  • Implemented improved cost accounting methodologies to a civil and construction business and for grant funded programs to better reflect business activity and provide more accurate and transparent financial information for decision makers

Financial, Trust & Cost Accounting

  • Restored trust accounting for approximately $30 million of royalties held in trust to compliance through investigative accounting of historic transactions to correct recognition following monies having been erroneously used for operational purposes in breach of legislation and incorrectly tracked against their correct type and entitlement.
  • Implemented procedures for distribution of monies held in trust and accurate reconciliation and monitoring.
  • Finalized outstanding financial statement audit with an unqualified opinion that, upon taking it on, had been at risk of being qualified due to previous Chief Financial Officer being unable to verify and correctly reconcile transaction.
  • Complete reviews of full general ledger accounts to correct financial accounting and implement procedures and tracking schedules to better maintain recognition and reliability of information.

Reviews & Investigations

  • Conduct ‘health checks’ to assess a business’ compliance with their charter, laws and regulations and internal policies and procedures.
  • Conduct of ORIC examinations assessing the corporate governance and financial health of registered Aboriginal corporations with one being placed into special administration.
  • Participated in a non-assurance engagement to test a client’s methodology as to how it justified claims for government funding after a fraud claim was made against the previous management of the business by police.
  • Conducted fraud investigation following reports of payments being made to suppliers for work not performed, including gathering and assessing evidence, interviewing witnesses and key staff, identify the quantum of losses and potential recoveries, liaising with legal advisors and reporting the outcomes as required. The investigation found the employee guilty and they admitted fault.
  • Conducted investigations into complaints of bullying and harassment against a CEO that resulted in workers compensation. Claim successfully managed and the employee was able to return to work with a new employer.

Business Restructures & Change Management

Restructured a construction business at the completion of a large project:

  • Downsized from over 100 employees and contractors to just over 30;
  • Successfully implemented agreeable changes to employee conditions, hours and allowances;
  • Amalgamated corporate administration services to the parent company;
  • Employed or promoted a new management team better equipped to suit the business future needs and plans

This large-scale restructure and change management process was achieved with no legal or industrial disputes, minimal disruption to business delivery and has proven to be a successful mode of operation.

Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

In consultation with management, employees, unions, lawyers and other stakeholders, developed, negotiated and implemented an enterprise agreement across a broad range of industries including construction, retail, resource management, horticulture and management. As an outcome, the employees and business were satisfied with the agreement, and the business had flexibility.

Project Management

  • Transitioned multi-faceted business to content management and team collaboration software ‘SharePoint’ to ensure best practice document and information management across the entire business operation, including designing the interface, developing document storage and access control protocols and managed external providers in the software implementation phase.
  • Managed the design, content production and print of several high quality and professional annual reports highlighting the business’ achievements for internal and external stakeholders.

Grant Funded Program Delivery

Our extensive work with not-for-profits means we have a proven track record in assessing suitable grant funding opportunities and developing quality funding submissions through to ensuring delivery of the project is in line with the agreement and preparing professional reports showcasing the benefits the funding has provided and acquitting it’s spend.

We have successfully applied for, delivered and acquitted local, state and commonwealth government funding ranging from $2,500 to over $4 million across a variety of projects and programs:

  • Operational funding
  • Land and sea management
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Prevocational training
  • Education
  • Youth
  • Festivals
  • Training
  • Media

At times, we have also had to work with funding providers when we have identified breaches of agreements, including overdue reporting, incorrect allocation of funds, etc or to request variations to agreements for change in scope and/or timeframes.  We have experience managing the relationship with funding providers to seek satisfactory resolution without damage to reputation.

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