Who we are

The founders of AA Biz Solutions, Amanda Ford, and Benchmark Management Consulting, Jemma Bimrose, have had the pleasure of working together for many years.

Our complimentary array of skills and experience and shared passion for good governance, best practice business and obtaining results makes us an impressive team.

In our experience, we have found that often businesses need a broad range of corporate governance and business management services, but it is often difficult to find the expertise in one place.

We formed our businesses and partnership in response to this need.  We leverage each other’s strengths and capabilities and our combined expertise means we have greater capacity to provide you a broader range of integrated services.

AA Biz Solutions and Benchmark Management Consulting both have extensive experience in corporate governance and business management.  AA Biz Solutions lends our human resource experience and Benchmark Management Consulting our financial.  We collaborate on larger and more complex projects to ensure that you experience the benefits of our combined expertise: other projects can be delivered independently.  This also offers you a choice as to how you engage with us.

Our combination of practical business experience, expertise and solid networks means we are positioned to provide you with the tools and support critical to strengthening your governance and business management practices that don’t just become road blocks but in fact support your operational delivery – ensuring business gets done, but done the right way.

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